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Event venues: Inhouse – @SpiraTec

We subdivide our events into "Inhouse" and "@SpiraTec" events, depending on the logistical and technical possibilities. This means that only participants of your company will be present. This enables your employees to address current tasks and issues without being restricted by confidentiality obligations.


The in-house events are held by our speakers directly at your location or in the training rooms you provide. Hence, you are responsible for the event’s organization. For the training it is necessary that a PC with connection to the systems to be trained is available for each participant.

Your advantages:

  • No additional travel costs for the participants as the event will be held directly at your place.
  • No loss of time - the participants are directly available at their workplace the following day without travel time
  • The practical exercises can be carried out directly on your training system - higher learning success through direct reference.
  • Specifically tailored to the operational needs
  • Location-independent


At the @SpiraTec events we take care of the complete logistic handling of the event. During the training, we take care of the entire training system and the associated hardware. The events are held directly at our locations or in our rented training rooms. We will personally inform you at which location the event will take place.

Your advantages:

  • Little organizational effort - the event organization is taken over by us.
  • There are no installations, increased system requirements or administrative permissions required on your site.
  • Ideal as a preparation event if you are not yet using the system.
  • Undisturbed learning atmosphere.