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Event types: Training – Workshop

As part of our training and workshop offer, we distinguish two types of events. From the event title, you can learn whether it is a training or a workshop.


Here, our speakers work according to the classical training model. In rather small groups, the content is conveyed through a theoretical part in the form of a presentation, as well as through practical exercises. At the end, all participants receive the training materials for their own use. Although current tasks of the participants can be addressed briefly, a targeted and individual solution approach is not possible in the context of our training.

This type of event is ideally suited for initial training after successful project completion as well as to refresh or develop the knowledge of your employees.


The workshops have an open character and rely heavily on the initiative and contribution of the participants. The topics are given only roughly, leaving enough room for questions and open discussions. Thus, an exchange of experience between the speakers and the participants takes place, in which current topics and tasks can be addressed.

Depending on the topic, this type of event also allows for a larger number of participants.

The workshops are ideal for introducing new technologies and systems. They offer a market overview from a non-proprietary point of view, which gives the participants an impression of the functioning and possibilities of various products.