SpiraTec Engineering GmbH
Donnersbergweg 2
D-67059 Ludwigshafen

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  • The SpiraTec Engineering GmbH

    As an internationally operating company, SpiraTec Engineering offers a complete range of services for process, piping and civil engineering. In the area of process engineering, SpiraTec develops an integrated solution which takes the technical and economical requirements at the respective production location into account.  Piping engineering provides a 3D model which incorporates all important components of the plant (e.g. building structure, steel construction, cable routes and pipelines) in one system. Civil engineering includes 3D planning of buildings and steel structures and interacts with the piping division.

    Furthermore, SpiraTec Engineering has considerable experience in key industries (e.g. pharmaceuticals & biopharmaceuticals, oil and gas, chemicals, mines and metals) and a wide variety of successfully launched projects for many years.

    Together with the parent company, SpiraTec has a highly qualified team of more than 300 international employees based at several locations in Germany, Austria and the United States.